2016 Reads


Author Title
1 Clare, Cassandra Lady Midnight
2 Orwell, George Animal Farm
3 Aveyard, Victoria Cruel Crown
4 Cumyn, Alan Hot Pterodactyl Boyfriend
5 Desir, C & Jolene Perry Love Blind
6 Valente, Catherynne M The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making
7 Padian, Maria Wrecked
8 Gray, Claudia Ten Thousand Skies Above You
9 Tucholke, April Genevieve (ed) Slasher Girls & Monster Boys
10 Angleberger, Tom The Strange Case of Origami Yoda
11 Hapgood, Harriet Reuter The Square Root of Summer
12 Anderson, Jodi Lynn Tiger Lily
13 Barnes, Jennifer Lynn The Naturals
14 Barnes, Jennifer Lynn Killer Instinct
15 Leckie, Ann Ancillary Justice
16 Boecker, Virginia The King Slayer
17 Spotswood, Jessica (ed) A Tyranny of Petticoats
18 Brosh, Allie Hyperbole and a Half
19 Carter, Ally See How They Run
20 Gaiman, Neil Coraline
21 Alexander, Kwame The Crossover
22 Grabenstein, Chris Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library
23 Ritter, William Ghostly Echoes
24 Barnes, Jennifer Lynn All In
25 Bradley, Kimberly Brubaker The War That Saved My Life
26 Gier, Kerstin Sapphire Blue
27 Berry, Julie All the Truth That’s In Me
28 Jordan, Sophie Reign of Shadows
29 Barnes, Jennifer Lynn The Fixer
30 Coates, Ta-Nehisi Between the World and Me
31 Hall, Maggie The Conspiracy of Us
32 DiCamillo, Kate Because of Winn-Dixie
33 Matson, Morgan The Unexpected Everything
34 Schwab, V E A Darker Shade of Magic
35 Morrill, Lauren My Unscripted Life
36 Sanderson, Brandon Steelheart
37 Sepetys, Ruta Between Shades of Gray
38 Meyer, Marissa Stars Above
39 Shusterman, Neal Unwind
40 Fine, Sarah The Impostor Queen
41 Jordan, Sophie Firelight
42 Hand, Cynthia, Brodi Ashton, & Jodi Meadows My Lady Jane
43 DiCamillo, Kate The Tiger Rising
44 Rossi, Veronica Riders
45 Nesbø, Jo The Bat
46 Holm, Jennifer L & Matthew Holm Babymouse: Queen of the World!
47 Moldavsky, Goldy Kill the Boy Band
48 DiCamillo, Kate The Tale of Despereaux
49 Alexander, Kwame Booked
50 Martin, Ann M Rain Reign
51 Waller, Sharon Biggs The Forbidden Orchid
52 Barnes, Jennifer Lynn The Long Game
53 Heilig, Heidi The Girl From Everywhere
54 Santat, Dan Sidekicks
55 Schmidt, Tiffany Break Me Like a Promise
56 Dicamillo, Kate The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane
57 Dicamillo, Kate The Magician’s Elephant
58 DiCamillo, Kate Flora & Ulysses
59 Lord, Emery The Start of Me and You
60 Ahdieh, Renee The Rose and the Dagger
61 Nielsen, Jennifer A The Mark of the Thief
62 Cliff, Tony Delilah Dirk and the King’s Shilling
63 Tucholke, April Genevieve Wink Poppy Midnight
64 Doerr, Anthony All the Light We Cannot See
65 Cavallaro, Brittany A Study in Charlotte
66 Riordan, Rick Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods
67 Lyndsay Faye Jane Steele
68 Fitzpatrick, Huntley My Life Next Door
69 Fitzpatrick, Huntley The Boy Most Likely To
70 Marr, Melissa Seven Black Diamonds
71 Levithan, David Hold Me Closer
72 Wallace, Becky The Storyspinner
73 Butcher, Jim Fool Moon
74 Clare, Cassandra (et al) Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy
75 Rutkoski, Marie The Winner’s Kiss
76 Hall, Maggie Map of Fates
77 Paige, Danielle The Yellow Brick War
78 Arnold, David Kids of Appetite
79 Wallace, Becky The Skylighter
80 Whaley, John Corey Where Things Come Back
81 Graudin, Ryan Blood for Blood
82 Sheehan, Judy I Woke Up Dead at the Mall
83 Chokshi, Roshani The Star Touched Queen
84 Sanderson, Brandon Firefight
85 Mafi, Tahereh Furthermore
86 Simmons, Kristen Metaltown
87 Matson, Morgan Since You’ve Been Gone
88 Federle, Tim The Great American Whatever
89 LaCour, Nina & David Levithan You Know Me Well
90 Schwab, V E A Gathering of Shadows
91 Grey, Melissa The Shadow Hour
92 Perkins, Stephanie Summer Days & Summer Nights
93 West, Jacqueline Dreamers Often Lie
94 Keenan-Bolger, Andrew & Kate Wetherhead Jack & Louisa: Act One
95 Lord, Emery When We Collided
96 Raasch, Sara Frost Like Night
97 Bond, Gwenda Double Down
98 Elliott, Kate Poisoned Blade
99 Blake, Kendare Three Dark Crowns
100 Dennard, Susan Truthwitch*
101 Tromly, Stephanie Trouble Makes a Comeback
102 Chima, Cinda Williams Flamecaster
103 White, Kiersten And I Darken
104 Johnston, E K Exit, Pursued by a Bear
105 Roehrig, Caleb Last Seen Leaving
106 Kagawa, Julie The Iron Warrior
107 Eulberg, Elizabeth Revenge of the Girl with the Great Personality
108 Stiefvater, Maggie The Raven King
109 Kagawa, Julie Talon
110 Smith, Lindsay Sekret
111 Anstey, Cindy Love, Lies, and Spies
112 Beddor, Frank with Adrienne Kress Hatter Madigan: Ghost in the H.A.T.B.O.X.
113 Coulthurst, Audrey Of Fire and Stars
114 Russo, Merideth If I Was Your Girl
115 Beddor, Frank Looking Glass Wars: Crossfire
116 Chee, Traci The Reader
117 Lee, Y S The Agency: Spy in the House
118 Maas, Sarah J A Court of Mist and Fury
119 Beddor, Frank The Looking Glass Wars*
120 Albertalli, Becky The Upside of Unrequited
121 Beddor, Frank Seeing Redd*
122 Beddor, Frank ArchEnemy*
123 Egan, Catherine Julia Vanishes
124 Klein, Jessi You’ll Grow Out of It
125 Gier, Kerstin Dream On
126 Beddor, Frank Hatter M: Far From Wonder
127 Riordan, Rick The Trials of Apollo: The Hidden Oracle
128 Yang, Gene Luen & Mike Holmes Secret Coders
129 Yoon, Nicola The Sun is Also a Star
130 Whaley, John Corey Highly Illogical Behavior
131 Pearson, Mary E The Beauty of Darkness
132 Henry, April The Body in the Woods
133 Skye, Evelyn The Crown’s Game
134 Yang, Gene Luen & Mike Holmes Secret Coders: Paths and Portals
135 Lee, Y S The Agency: Body at the Tower
136 Schwab, Victoria This Savage Song
137 Silvera, Adam History is All You Left Me
138 Garber, Stephanie Caraval
139 Matson, Morgan Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour
140 Salisbury, Melinda The Sleeping Prince
141 Beddor, Frank Hatter M: Mad With Wonder
142 Lee, Y S The Agency: The Traitor in the Tunnel
143 Mullen, Thomas Darktown
144 Lee, Y S The Agency: Rivals in the City
145 Oliver, Lauren Replica
146 Meadows, Jodi Incarnate
147 Meadows, Jodi Asunder
148 Meadows, Jodi Infinite
149 Napoli, Donna Jo Hidden
150 Matson, Morgan Second Chance Summer
151 Green, Sally Half Bad
152 Vivian, Siobhan The Last Boy and Girl in the World
153 Lee, Mackenzi This Monstrous Thing
154 Green, Sally Half Wild
155 Ashton, Brodi Everneath
156 Gaiman, Neil & P Craig Russell The Graveyard Book: Volume 1
157 Yoon, Nicola Everything, Everything
158 Ashton, Brodi Everbound
159 Ashton, Brodi Evertrue
160 Green, Sally Half Lost
161 Waller, Sharon Biggs A Mad, Wicked Folly
162 Stork, Francisco X Marcelo in the Real World
163 Morgenstern, Erin The Night Circus
164 Ribar, Lindsay Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies
165 Lee, Mackenzi A Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue
166 Montefiore, Simon Sebag The Romanovs
167 Kaufman, Amie & Jay Kristoff Gemina
168 Schwab, Victoria The Archived
169 LaFevers, Robin Grave Mercy*
170 LaFevers, Robin Dark Triumph*
171 McCarthy, Andrew Just Fly Away
172 Córdova, Zoraida Labyrinth Lost
173 Talley, Robin As I Descended
174 LaFevers, Robin Mortal Heart*
175 Schwab, V E Vicious
176 Lu, Marie Legend: The Graphic Novel
177 Lu, Marie Prodigy: The Graphic Novel
178 Tahir, Sabaa A Torch Against the Night
179 Tash, The Geek’s Guide to Unrequited Love
180 Mansicalo, Kerry Stalking Jack the Ripper
181 Colfer, Chris The Land of Stories
182 Pierce, Tamora Wild Magic
183 Stevenson, Noelle Lumberjanes: Beware the Kitten Holy
184 King, A S Still Life With Tornado
185 Stevenson, Noelle Lumberjanes: Friendship to the Max
186 Stevenson, Noelle Lumberjanes:
187 Pierce, Tamora Wolf-Speaker
188 Rhodes, Morgan The Darkest Magic
189 Yang, Gene Luen & Thien Pham Level Up
190 Colfer, Chris The Enchantress Returns
191 Yang, Gene Luen & Derek Kirk Kim The Eternal Smile
192 George, Jessica Day Princess of Glass
193 Kaufman, Amie & Meagan Spooner This Shattered World
194 Kaufman, Amie & Meagan Spooner Their Fractured Light
195 Stroud, Jonathan The Screaming Staircase
196 Gaiman, Neil & P Craig Russell The Graveyard Book: Volume 2
197 Kristoff, Jay Stormdancer
198 Stroud, Jonathan The Whispering Skull
199 Baldwin, Kathleen Exile for Dreamers
200 Pierce, Tamora Emperor Mage
201 Taylor, Laini Days of Blood and Starlight
202 Pierce, Tamora The Realms of the Gods
203 Older, Daniel Jose Shadowshaper
204 Lindner, April Love, Lucy
205 Laskin, Pamela L Ronit & Jamil
206 Heilig, Heidi The Ship Beyond Time
207 Zentner, Jeff The Serpent King
208 Cavallaro, Brittany The Last of August
209 Talley, Robin Lies We Tell Ourselves
210 Spooner, Meagan Hunted
211 Pierce, Tamora Sandry’s Book
212 Ansari, Aziz Modern Romance
213 Reef, Catherine Florence Nightingale
214 Porter, Sarah Vassa in the Night
215 Carter, Ally Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy
216 Carter, Ally Don’t Judge a Girl by Her Cover
217 Bashardoust, Melissa Girls Made of Snow and Glass
218 Bray, Libba The Diviners
219 LaCour, Nina We Are Okay
220 Lu, Marie The Midnight Star
221 Carter, Ally Only the Good Spy Young
222 Carter, Ally Out of Sight, Out of Time
223 Griffin, Adele Be True to Me
224 McGowan, Jennifer Maid of Secrets
225 Carter, Ally United We Spy
226 Kenneally, Miranda Breathe, Annie, Breathe
227 Mills, Emma This Adventure Ends
228 Patel, Sonia Rani Patel in Full Effect
229 Pung, Alice Lucy and Linh
230 Starmer, Aaron Spontaneous
231 Mason-Black, Jennifer Devil and the Bluebird
232 Sonnenblick, Jordan Falling Over Sideways
233 Vaughan, Brian K & Fiona Staples Saga: Volume 1
234 Vaughan, Brian K & Fiona Staples Saga: Volume 2
235 Vaughan, Brian K & Fiona Staples Saga: Volume 3
236 Vaughan, Brian K & Fiona Staples Saga: Volume 4
237 Vaughan, Brian K & Fiona Staples Saga: Volume 5
238 Vaughan, Brian K & Fiona Staples Saga: Volume 6
239 Willingham, Bill Fables: Volume 1
240 Stork, Francisco X The Memory of Light
241 Willingham, Bill Fables: Volume 2
242 Willingham, Bill Fables: Volume 3
243 Willingham, Bill Fables: Volume 4
244 Willingham, Bill Fables: Volume 5
245 Willingham, Bill Fables: Volume 6
246 Willingham, Bill Fables: Volume 7
247 Willingham, Bill Fables: Volume 8
248 Willingham, Bill Fables: Volume 9
249 Willingham, Bill Fables: Volume 10
250 Zarins, Kim Sometimes We Tell the Truth
251 Bardugo, Leigh Crooked Kingdom
252 Willingham, Bill Fables: Volume 11
253 Willingham, Bill Fables: Volume 12
254 Willingham, Bill Fables: Volume 13
255 Willingham, Bill Fables: Volume 14
256 Willingham, Bill Fables: Volume 15
257 Willingham, Bill Fables: Volume 16
258 Willingham, Bill Fables: Volume 17
259 Willingham, Bill Fables: Volume 18
260 Hutchinson, Shaun David We Are The Ants
261 Willingham, Bill Fables: Volume 19
262 Willingham, Bill Fables: Volume 20
263 Willingham, Bill Fables: Volume 21
264 Roth, Veronica Carve the Mark
265 Carson, Rae Like a River Glorious
266 Willingham, Bill Fables: Volume 22
267 Buxbaum, Julie Tell Me Three Things
268 Lewis, John March: Volume 1
269 Umminger, Alison American Girls
270 Sutherland, Krystal Our Chemical Hearts
271 LeGrand, Claire Some Kind of Happiness
272 Johnson, Julia Claiborne Be Frank with Me
273 Preble, Joy It Wasn’t Always Like This
274 Mather, Adriana How to Hang a Witch
275 Stampler, Laura Little Black Dresses, Little White Lies
276 McEwan, Ian Nutshell
277 Zoboi, Ibi American Street
278 Simmons, Kristen The Glass Arrow
279 Barnes, Jennifer Lynn Bad Blood
280 O’Connell, Mary Dear Reader
281 Kiely, Brendan The Last True Love Story
282 Adler, Dahlia Behind the Scenes
283 Reynolds, Jason When I Was the Greatest
284 Buxbaum, Julie What to Say Next
285 Jensen, Kelly (ed.) Here We Are: Feminism for the Real World
286 Thomas, Angie The Hate U Give
287 Poshton, Ashley Geekerella
288 Lewis, John March: Book 2
289 Dennard, Susan Windwitch
290 Lewis, John March: Book 3
291 Gray, Claudia A Million Worlds with You
292 Stroud, Jonathan The Hollow Boy
293 Blake, Ashley Herring How to Make a Wish
294 Kenneally, Miranda Jesse’s Girl
295 Bracken, Alexandra Wayfarer
296 Jackson, Tiffany D. Allegedly
297 Blake, Elly Frostblood
298 Rubin, Lance Denton Little’s Deathdate
299 Strickland, AdriAnne & Michael Miller Shadow Run
300 Rubin, Lance Denton Little’s Still Not Dead
301 White, Kiersten Now I Rise
302 Dessen, Sarah Once and for All
303 Rhodes, Morgan Crystal Storm
304 Cashore, Kristin Fire*
305 Castroman, Nicole Blackhearts
306 Russell, Romina Black Moon
307 Sim, Tara Timekeeper
308 Bouchet, Amanda A Promise of Fire
309 Cashore, Kristin Graceling*
310 Cashore, Kristin Bitterblue*
311 Haydu, Corey Ann The Careful Undressing of Love
312 Barnhill, Kelly The Girl Who Drank the Moon
313 Valentine, Jenny Fire Color One
314 Jae-Jones, S Wintersong
315 Carter, Ally Take the Key and Lock Her Up
316 Menon, Sandhya When Dimple Met Rishi
317 Soria, Destiny Iron Cast
318 Belleza, Rhoda Empress of a Thousand Skies