2017 Reads

Author Title
1 Skye, Evelyn The Crown’s Fate
2 Chokshi, Roshani A Crown of Wishes
3 Curtis, Simon Boy Robot
4 Bennett, Jenn Alex, Approximately
5 Redgate, Riley Seven Ways We Lie
6 McCaffrey, Anne Dragonsong
7 Taylor, Laini Strange the Dreamer
8 Carson, Rae The Girl of Fire and Thorns*
9 Carson, Rae The Crown of Embers*
10 Chbosky, Stephen The Perks of Being a Wallflower
11 Hinton, S E The Outsiders
12 Carson, Rae The Bitter Kingdom*
13 Tan, Shaun The Singing Bones
14 Mills, Emma First & Then
15 Tintera, Amy Ruined
16 Ahdieh, Renée Flame in the Mist
17 Uwiringiyyimana, Sandra How Dare the Sun Rise: Memoirs of a War Child
18 Tintera, Amy Avenged
19 Neithercott, Tracey Gray Wolf Island
20 Grey, Melissa The Savage Dawn
21 Block, Francesca Lia Weetzie Bat
22 Woodson, Jacqueline Another Brooklyn
23 Levine, Gail Carson Ella Enchanted
24 Hale, Shannon & Dean Hale The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl: Squirrel Meets World
25 Shvarts, Andrew Royal Bastards
26 Brown, Jaye Robin Georgia Peaches and Other Forbidden Fruit
27 Gardner, Whitney You’re Welcome, Universe
28 Gay, Roxanne Bad Feminist
29 Hodge, Rosamund Cruel Beauty
30 Anderson, Natalie C City of Saints and Thieves
31 Han, Jenny To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before
32 Christie, Agatha The Mysterious Affair at Styles
33 Kendrick, Anna Scrappy Little Nobody
34 Hwa, Kim Dong The Color of Earth
35 Reynolds, Jason The Boy in the Black Suit
36 Sanchez, Jenny Torres Death, Dickinson, and the Demented Life of Frenchie Garcia
37 Meyer, Marissa Wires & Nerve
38 Christie, Agatha The Murder on the Links
39 May, Elizabeth The Fallen Kingdom
40 Hwa, Kim Dong The Color of Water
41 Prager, Sarah Queer, There, and Everywhere
42 Stone, Nic Dear Martin
43 Locke, Katherine The Girl with the Red Balloon
44 Myers, Walter Dean Monster
45 Aveyard, Victoria King’s Cage
46 McLemore, Anna-Marie When the Moon Was Ours
47 Smith, Jennifer E Windfall
48 Konigsberg, Bill Honestly Ben
49 Mabry, Samantha All the Wind in the World
50 Saenz, Benjamin Alire The Inexplicable Logic of My Life
51 Han, Jenny P. S. I Still Love You
52 Castroman, Nicole Blacksouls
53 Thorne, Sally The Hating Game
54 Hwa, Kim Dong The Color of Heaven
55 Redwine, CJ The Wish Granter
56 Albert, Melissa The Hazel Wood
57 Giles, Jeff The Edge of Everything
58 Kenneally, Miranda Defending Taylor
59 Kenneally, Miranda Coming Up For Air
60 Silverman, Laura Girl Out of Water
61 Mixon, Donovan Ahgottahandleonit
62 Schwab, V E A Conjuring of Light
63 Pon, Cindy Want
64 Bardugo, Leigh Wonder Woman: Warbringer
65 Goodman, Alison The Dark Days Pact
66 Crowley, Cath Words in Deep Blue
67 Salisbury, Melinda The Scarecrow Queen
68 Zappia, Francesca Eliza and Her Monsters
69 Rivera, Lilliam The Education of Margot Sanchez
70 Turner, Megan Whalen The Thief
71 Hardinge, Frances The Lie Tree
72 Powell, Patricia Hruby Loving vs. Virginia
73 Clayton, Dhonielle The Belles
74 Carriger, Gail Etiquette & Espionage
75 Shepherd, Megan The Gauntlet
76 Gough, Erin Get It Together, Delilah!
77 Zentner, Jeff Goodbye Days
78 Cashore, Kristin Jane, Unlimited
79 Lee, Fonda Exo
80 Anderson, Lily The Only Thing Worse Than Me is You
81 Skrutskie, Emily The Abyss Surrounds Us
82 Chupeco, Rin The Bone Witch
83 Wilde, Jen Queens of Geek
84 White, Kiersten Beanstalker
85 Riazi, Karuna The Gauntlet
86 Hall, Maggie The Ends of the World
87 Colbert, Brandy Little & Lion
88 Lee, Stacey The Secret of a Heart Note
89 Eliopoulos, Christopher Cosmic Commandos
90 Reichs, Brendan Nemesis
91 Lunetta, Demitria Bad Blood
92 Redgate, Riley Noteworthy
93 Podos, Rebecca The Mystery of Hollow Places
94 Kuehn, Stephanie Complicit
95 Jones, Kelly Murder, Magic, and What We Wore
96 Mills, Emma Foolish Hearts
97 de la Cruz, Melissa Alex & Eliza
98 Shankar, Tarun & Kelly Zekas These Vicious Masks
99 Ormsbee, Kathy Tash Hearts Tolstoy
100 Shankar, Tarun & Kelly Zekas These Ruthless Deeds
101 Older, Daniel José Half-Resurrection Blues
102 Kaufman, Amie & Meagan Spooner Unearthed
103 Dietrich, Cale The Love Interest
104 Mathieu, Jennifer Moxie
105 Bond, Gwenda & Christopher Rowe Supernormal Sleuthing Service: The Lost Legacy
106 Nelson, Katie A The Duke of Bannerman Prep
107 Older, Daniel José Midnight Taxi Tango
108 McLemore, Anna-Marie Wild Beauty
109 Vaughan, Brian K & Fiona Staples Saga: Volume 7
110 Livingston, Lesley The Valiant