Friday Five

Friday Five: Recent Reads

Hey y’all! I’m currently chilling in Bologna, Italy (and by chilling I mean sweating because it is warm and the place I’m staying doesn’t have A/C) for my class, and so I decided to pick something super easy for this weeks Friday Five. Here are my five most recent reads (from earliest to most recently finished), and some thoughts I had about them 🙂



One sentence summary: Alto II Jordan Sun decides that she’s done being looked over for parts because of her vocal range, so she dons a male disguise in order to try out for the Tenor I open slot in an all-male acapella group.

Riley Redgate’s Noteworthy is like if you took She’s the Man and Pitch Perfect and put them together and made the finished product 10,000 times better than either of those movies. It’s also one of those books that makes you stand out in a crowd if you read it in public because people will be wondering what in the world could possibly be so funny (spoiler alert: it’s this book). Jordan is a totally relatable main character for anyone who has ever struggled with their passion and their talent failing to align in the way they are expected to–and she figures out a way to make them work together. I promise you will love this book when you pick it up (and yes I am saying when not if because I believe in you)

The Mystery of Hollow Places


One sentence summary: After the disappearance of her mystery-novel-writing father, Imogene sets off to find the mother who left her as a child, certain her father is searching for the same person.

This is an excellent family-centric mystery. A lot of times, when we hear the word mystery we think things like Agatha Christie, or Sherlock Holmes, or detectives, or crimes. The Mystery of Hollow Places is a very contained mystery, in that it is a girl trying to unravel the question marks surrounding her parents–one she has known her entire life, and one she has only known through stories. If you want a book with lovely writing, interesting family dynamics, and a hope of discovery, then I would definitely check this book out!



One sentence summary: WTF JUST HAPPENED

Okay I know that’s a terrible summary but it is also the best sentence that goes with this book. I had not read a Stephanie Kuehn book before, but I did see her on a panel at Y’allfest this year and I adored her, so I knew I’d pick up a book of hers eventually, even if thrillers aren’t super my thing. The end of this book had me freaking out because I did not see it coming (like, I saw SOMETHING coming, like a shadow in the distance, but the shadow wasn’t distinct until it WAS AND THEN IT WAS LIKE NOTHING I EXPECTED). If you like guessing and making lots of surprised, shocked, and OMG facial expressions, you’ll love this book.

Murder, Magic, and What We Wore

Jones_murdermagicOne sentence summary: In 1818 London, the death of Annis’ father and the disappearance of all his money leads her into becoming a spy with the help of her ability to sew garments that disguise the wearer.

I downloaded this as an e-galley on a whim, thinking it would probably be a fun, mindless plane read. And oh was I correct. This book is so much fun. The idea that clothing can mask the person inside them is a super interesting one, and I will always be into novels about girls becoming spies. I think this one will pair beautifully with Etiquette and Espionage. Super enjoyable.

Foolish Hearts

Mills_foolishhearsOne sentence summary: After Claudia overhears the breakup of it-couple Iris and Paige, she and Iris are partnered together for a paper–and when that goes wrong, Claudia and Iris have to participate in the school production of Midsummer Night’s Dream for extra credit.

Okay well I love Emma Mills’ first two books so it should come as no great shock that I also loved this one (and also anything involving Shakespeare automatically makes me love it). This one really focuses on friendship, which I love so much. Even though there is a romance element to it, both parties involved are shown with a great friend–Claudia slowly developing a friendship with Iris, and our cute boy with his lifelong friend (at one point they mention that their friendship is just an intrinsic fact, like knowing your name–super great). If you’ve loved Emma Mills’ other two books, you’ll love this one too. And if you haven’t read the other two, please fix that.


That’s it for today! Have you read any of these? What was the last book you finished?


1 thought on “Friday Five: Recent Reads”

  1. The ‘WTF just happened’ got me. I’ll be sure to add this book to my endless TBR after I stop giggling like crazy xD.


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